New Meeting Pods

Looking for some meeting space without all the hassle of builders disrupting your working environment?

A modern meeting space that you can move if you need to, that you can take with when you move?

Our new Meeting Pods are the ideal solution, and have a whole range of benefits.

  • Available in round, square or rectangular configurations
  • Supplied complete with glazing, ceiling and lighting
  • Double glazed for extra privacy and sound proofing
  • Our service includes supply, delivery and installation
  • Have a meeting room wherever you want it, and have it quick!
  • Lead time approx. 4 weeks!
  • No worries about landlord’s dilapidation costs, take it with you when you move!
  • Looks stunning!
  • Price is ultra competitive
  • Also available on a lease over 3 or 5 years

For a free quotation, call us on 01992 711 600 or email